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Payment Options

We accept payments through Bitcoins, PayPal, Money Gram and Western Union transfers. For further inquiries on payment details, do not hesitate to contact us for directions.

Payment Options 1

For Bitcoins, send the appropriate amount to the address below. After the payment, sent a screenshot of the payment, the name of the item u paid for and the location where you want the product delivered.

Email: [email protected]

Wallet ID: 1ZHkqfdqvEnqHnXPYCXPZxHS2oaSEWPWT

Or scan our QR code

Payment Bitcoins


Payment PayPalFor PayPal, click here

For any other method of payment, please contact Us


NB: Payments are made to our main office account. Delivery is made according to your specified location, we alert our partner pharmacy closest to you location for the delivery.

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